(CP) UnCover-E ~ Living and Loving Truly Addiction-Free (8 Session)

UnCover- ~ Living and Loving Truly Addiction-Free

The UnCover- coaching program addresses the specific situations and challenges related to addictive behaviors that are currently relevant in your life.

Define What Recovery Really Means to You...

The focus is on building an UnCover- mindset that can help you:

  • Define what recovery really means to you giving you a baseline and a lifeline to the inner wisdom you already posess and the resources most able to guide you safely to where you want to be in your life - on your terms
  • Identify the patterns or triggers that may be keeping you stuck in unhealthy thinking or behaviors so you can mindfully respond to life events rather than automatically reacting to them
  • Learn tools and techniques for building the critical self-awareness, self-compassion and self-leadership needed to live and love truly addiction-free without feeling like you are giving anything up.
  • Build trust in yourself, the trust of others in you, and be accountable for what you say you will do.

One on One With Your Coach...

The UnCover-E® 5 step process takes you on a journey of reflection where you and your coach will focus on uncovering your values and beliefs and how they shape your view of your addictive behavior. When you recognize what is profoundly important in your life and can identify the thoughts, feelings and actions that precipitate your addictive behavior, you are in a better position to manage those thoughts, feelings, and actions in a positive, healthy way. 

It is time to get rid of those “less than” feelings that leave you doubting whether there is more to life than the cravings, binging, lying, guilt and shame that has kept you chained to the cycle of addiction for so long.

UnCover- can show you how.

You will have 8 coaching sessions that typically occur over a 2–3-month period, bundled with amazing support, exercises, activities, and resources to keep the learning momentum going before, during and after each session. Plus, you will have unlimited access to your coach for questions, thoughts and any "aha" moments you would like to share. Also included are 1.5 hours of bonus coaching time after completion of the program.   



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