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Do you have an urge to use or do that is making life seem crazy, unbearable and testing your resolve? Are you confused or uncertain about an important decision that needs to be made immediately? Perhaps you are afraid a relapse is right around the corner? Or maybe you are feeling overwhelmed and wondering if it's all worth it?

We know all too well how this all feels which is why we created  "Just for Now",  a coaching program designed to help you find "JUST IN TIME" support and rapid relief for those daily life challenges that test your resolve.  Getting relief quickly is so important because when you are able to relieve the pressure of the challenge you are facing in the short-term, you begin to see what trigger is setting you up and what the long-term effects of the decisions you make will be. You learn to respond, not react to what is going on within you.

Together, we will use a laser like focus to zero in on what's showing up for you now, and the immediate outcome you want to achieve whether it's coping with an urge, making a difficult life decision or managing troublesome thoughts, feelings or actions. You will learn tools based in cognitive behavioral science and motivation to help you quickly transform that snarky voice of addiction into the triumphant voice of awareness; tools that will diffuse your inner critic and help you challenge the assumptions, interpretations and limiting beliefs that otherwise keep you in that relentless tug-of-war; the friction between staying the course or giving in. 

The program includes 5 thirty minute breakthrough sessions that you will schedule with your coach through your own private portal when you feel you need them most in the environment where you are most comfortable.  Whether online, or in person, you will leave the session feeling confident and motivated. You'll be calmer and less anxious, knowing exactly what your next steps will be and what you need to do to make them happen. All the while you will have your coach to guide you through the tough spots, to cheer you on and help you be accountable for what you commit to do without judging you, telling you what you must do or impacting the outcome.  

Join us for "Just for Now"  and learn to Take Back Your Power and your control in the challenging moments of your day. Go ahead and take a deep breath, muster up an ounce of courage and come and visit, either in person, online or on the phone,  and experience your own breakthrough moments that will fuel your motivation and strengthen your resolve.  You and your coach will explore what living and loving a truly addiction-free life really means to you each and every day; one that helps you see recovery differently so you can break free from the labels, limits, judgments and stigma so often associated with addiction.  


Don't Let Your Resolve Dissolve!

"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you,
till it seems you could not hang on a minute longer,
never give up then, for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn."
- Harriet Beecher Stowe
Unsure, have more questions or just want to chat?  Please contact us directly at 518-615-4857.
** Our services are not a replacement for psychotherapy, legal counsel, medical advice or treatment.

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What's Happiness Got To Do With It?

In this special report, explore:

  • Why the short term gratification of substances and behaviors are so difficult to resist even when you know the rewards of choices you make for long term happiness are what you truly desire. 
  • The answer to to question "Why do I always feel like something is missing in my life?"
  • How your awareness of your thoughts and feelings affect your response to challenging situations you encounter every day helping you  to "Take Back Your Power" and your control, focusing your energy on shaping your future and your happiness!


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