The Mastery of Mindset Series Program

The Mastery of Mindset - Empowering Your Purpose

Having the right mindset is key to being successful at overcoming any addiction. In this program you will select the topics, the desired outcomes, and amount of time you would like to spend on each of them. Life just keeps on happening and in "The Mastery of Mindset" program we help you navigate the difficult choices and the unexpected circumstances that test your resolve on a day-to-day basis by helping you master the mindset you need to consciously respond rather than automatically reacting to things that come your way. You'll start with identifying your values, what is truly important to you, and how those values fuel your motivation to overcome addictive behaviors and give purpose to your life.  Learn to Take Back Your Power and find freedom from the thoughts, feelings and actions that keep you chained to the mindset of addiction. 

The "Mastery of Mindset" coaching collaborations are highly customizable and are offered in blocks of 8, 15 or 28 sessions. Up to 6 bonus hours of additional coaching  are included to support you wherever your journey may take you.  

Empower Your Purpose and Learn to Live a Love a Truly Addiction-Free Life...For Always! Join us today.




A Note on Confidentiality:

We respect that you may wish to keep your relationship with Adirondack Recovery Care, LLC confidential and understand the importance of that to your well being and recovery. To that end, we want to inform you of our limitations and responsibilities with regards to confidentiality. These limitations and responsibilities will also be found in our coaching agreements that are necessary for acceptance into any of our coaching programs.

All information provided by the Client to the Coach during the course of the coaching relationship will be deemed "Confidential Information" and kept strictly confidential unless: 

  1. You give specific permission to release this information (to your health care provider for example).
  2. You will be signing a specific release form to authorize this action.
  3. If Adirondack Recovery Care, LLC is legally compelled to do so. Professional privilege does not apply to a coaching relationship.

Exceptions to this confidentiality agreement are when information exchanged discloses the intent to harm you, another individual, a child or an elder.