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Wisdom's Way

 Awakening Awareness   Reconnecting Spirit   Transforming Perspective 


Discover the Pearls of Wisdom's Promise and a New "Way of Being"

Come and join me for focused one-on-one sessions where you will take a deep dive into discovering your best "Way of Being" by tapping into your own innate wisdom, where you will experience a deepening sense of understanding, security, confidence, peace and grace in your life - the "Pearls" of Wisdom's Promise.

You see, you are the expert on you and it is when you begin to look on the inside for answers that you have always looked to the outside for that extraordinary change begins to happen. You tap into the magnificence of who you are and come to know and understand yourself in a deeper, more compassionate and loving way. 

As a result you will gain exciting and profound new perspectives that will change the relationship you have with your life and your world while you transform into the best version of yourself.  You will also access resources, learn tools and techniques, and develop strategies that will help you deal with day-to-day challenges that often block true transformation. 

The  Wisdom's Way Self-Leadership Assessment* is included in all of our plans.  The assessment will help you understand who you are being in this very moment of your life. It measures seven levels of energy that show you how and where your innate wisdom is currently showing up.  Understanding how these levels impact you helps you  to "be with" and "move beyond" that which holds you back - to reconnect with your authentic self which is key to living, loving and enjoying a more purposeful and joy filled life.

 *Based on the Energy Leadership Index Assessment developed by IPEC and Bruce D. Schnieder


Level 1 

 1 Month Plan


Levels 1 & 2 

 3 Month Plan


Levels 1,2 & 3

6 Month Plan



Begin your journey along Wisdom's Way with over six hours, one-on-one with your coach where you will awaken your awareness and your understanding of what has you feeling "not good enough" or that "there must be more to life". You will discover how you are energetically responding to life, what your current "way of being" looks like and what you can do to change your perspective and your world in this very moment in time.  These foundational principals will be of comfort and support through any transformation or life event you encounter or desire.



Continue on from Level 1 or begin your Wisdom's Way journey here. From the foundations of awakening awareness and understanding, we begin to focus on reconnecting with spirit, tapping into the innate wisdom that is inherent in us all. Learn to listen for Wisdom's call and nurture a deepening relationship with the essence of who you are.  You will begin to experience a greater sense of  understanding, confidence and security as you respond to the opportunities and challenges life sends your way. Includes over 14 hours of one-on-one coaching.



Continue on from Level 2 or enroll in our complete transformation plan. You will enjoy over 23 hours of one-on-one coaching experiencing a seamless engagement that takes you from the foundations of awakening awareness and understanding, through nurturing and defining a new "way of being" to transforming your perspective, and living a life of meaning and purpose. Here you will find ways to bring the most transcendent pearls of Wisdom's Promise into your life; those of Peace and Grace.


Credit for Prior Coaching: Level 2 and 3 plans will include a credit for a prior level's payment. You will never pay more when leveling up  in total than the cost of the level you are enrolling in. Fox example, if you enroll and complete Level 1 and decide to continue with Level 2, your Level 1 fee will be credited towards your Level 2 fee. After the completion of any level, you may also choose to continue on a per-session basis at the current session rate.


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